About Abrishamtab

Abrishamtab factory in an area of about 4,500 square meters and 70 staff members has started its activity in one of the Middle East regions since 1376.

Abrishamtab factory has been producing health products for more than 26 years using the world’s knowledge, the ability of expert employees and the use of the highest quality raw materials. Abrishamtab factory is known as the leading manufacturer of cotton swab with international standards.

cotton swab has many uses, including: drying ears after bathing, cleaning and washing industrial boards, dusting internal parts of household appliances, cars, etc.

Abrishamtab factory has injection and extruder machines in its production line to produce plastic doors, boxes and straws. The presence of these devices fulfills the needs of customers in terms of quantity and quality.

Abrishamtab factory has been able to receive the ISO 9001 certificate with the help of its expert and experienced staff and become a sample unit in 1378, 1389 and 1390.

Product of Abrishamtab

شرکت ابریشم تاب




 cotton swab with a lockable cup (the sharp head of the cotton swab is designed so that it does not bend during use)

  • Cubic cotton swab
  • Cotton swab in a glass with a lock
  • Cubic baby cotton swab (the design of the head of the ear cleaner prevents damage to the ears of babies and children)
  • cotton swab glass with rotating lid