Aras Company

About Aras Company

Aras Company was established in one of the Middle East regions with the aim of producing children’s health products in 1379 with an area of over 6000 square meters and 110 staff. The products of this company are approved by food and drug organization of health ministry and The National Standards Organization.

This company, with more than 23 years of experience and benefiting from the knowledge and capabilities of expert staff and the use of sanitary raw materials, is active in the production of all kinds of baby feeding bottles, pacifiers, etc.

All Panberes baby products It is produced from 100% hygienic materials and does not contain BPA, which are designed and produced to help take caring of the child and simplify it.

Also, the products have the standard mark and the BPA Free mark in addition, this company has recently obtained the FOODGRADE license from the Food and Drug Organization according to the results of Khatam Polymer Laboratory tests on its products.

This factory is equipped with all laboratory facilities for physical and chemical tests. In general, in Aras factory, quality control is carried out continuously on parts, raw materials, semi-finished parts and the final product. Finally, all the boxes are stamped and approved by the standard and then sent to the warehouse.

On the other hand, all the devices used in Aras factory are regularly calibrated and revised. This company has professional health and safety consultants.

Aras factory goals:

  • Production of various baby products for all tastes
  • Production of products according to the needs of society
  • Development and increase of products for the flourishing of national ideals
  • Optimizing the methods of production and distribution of baby products in order to improve the quality and quantity of products

Product Of Aras Company

محصولات شرکت ارس
  • Feeding baby in medium and large size
  • Baby feeding with handle in medium and large size
  • Baby juice bottle
  • Baby drinking bottle
  • Windproof glass head
  • Orthodontic glass head size 1 and 2
  • Round glass head size 1 and 2
  • Orthodontic glass head size 1 and 2
  • Round glass head size 1 and 2
  • Full silicone orthodontic pacifier
  • Full silicone round pacifier
  • All baby silicon round pacifier
  • Small and large orthodontic pacifier with a cap
  • Small and large round pacifier with a cap
  • Fantasy twin small and big orthodontic pacifier
  • Silicone chest protector
  • Pacifier chain
  • Transparent silicone toothpick