Behdasht Gostar Morvarid Asia

شرکت بهداشت گستر

About Behdasht Gostar Morvarid Asia

Behdasht Gostar Morvarid Asia Company started its activity in 2012 with the production of raw materials for women’s hygiene products.


Behdasht Gostar Morvarid Asia company with the market study and needs assessments carried out in the supply of raw materials for industrial production units, especially in the cellulose industry (production of Air laid layers and non-woven fabrics with Air Trough Bonding technology), medical industry (production of raw materials related to hospital underlays) and medical clothing), the food industry (production of moisture absorbent pads used in packing all kinds of meat and poultry) has produced and supplied the said raw materials.


Products of Behdasht Gostar Morvarid Asia company with the aim of economic development and job creation:

  • Air laid
  • Non-woven fabric
  • Acquisition


To date, Behdasht Gostar Morvarid Asia company, in addition to equipping itself with knowledge and experience, has been able to take a big step in the country’s prosperity by increasing its market share and then reducing imports.


This production company with the latest technology, technology and the use of new machines as well as the use of expert and skilled manpower has started to produce raw materials that can compete with foreign counterparts.


Also, this company has managed to obtain a standard mark, license and legal license for all its products.

Clients of Behdasht Gostar Morvarid Asia

مشتریان شرکت بهداشت گستر




  • Golrang industrial group (Marinasan company) producing sanitary products with Merci, Barly, Nancy, Alawe, Softex brand
  • Jahan Saderat Industrial Group produces sanitary products with Mama, Obaby, Lady Care brands
  • Nava Behdasht company produces Panberes, Camro, DILEX, Diamond products
  • Arman Seloloz Yazd Industries Company produces sanitary products under the Baby King brand
  • Golkhand Behdasht Mamateyr Sololoz company produces sanitary products with Toba, MahManzar, Narsis brands.
  • Pars Seloloz company produces Golpar brand products
  • Nazgol Alborz company producing Nazgol brand products
  • Shiraz Cotton Company
  • Shafaq Afarin Aras Company, a producer of moisture absorbent pad products