Bushehr Mesvak

About Bushehr Mesvak

Bushehr Miswak was established in 1373 with the aim of producing all kinds of toothbrush by Panberes brand.

Panberes toothbrush has soft filaments with a rounded tip so that there is no chance of gum damage. They are designed and produced for all age groups as well as all types of sensitive and normal teeth.

Bushehr Miswak factory machinery is made in Germany and has the highest modern technology. The quality control system of Bushehr Miswak is also under the supervision of the Standard Organization and the Food and Cosmetics Supervision Department of Bushehr province.

Honors of Bushehr Miswak factory:

Received the ISO 9001:2000 standard badge and certificate from Switzerland and received the crystal statue of the provincial sample unit in 2004.

Product of Bushehr Mesvak

محصولات شرکت بوشهر مسواک
  • Cross action adult toothbrush
  • adult toothbrush
  • Maxi Clean adult toothbrush
  • Aqua adult toothbrush
  • Baby toothbrush