What is the Butterfly Effect?

The butterfly effect comes from the Chaos Theory. In the simplest words, it means that small things can have big effects on the output.
For example, if something is happening today, or something that you do today that is not recognized as something significant can bring big changes tomorrow by this theory.
This term for the first time was used by Edward Lorenz, who did a simulation about weather forecasting. When he takes the real number and shortcut on a number in decimal he received entirely different results. This difference in decimals he named as the Butterfly Effect. With this phrase, he wants to describe that if butterflies flap their wings in one place, they will change the weather conditions in another place.

It basically says that small actions can have more significant consequences than ever imagined or intended
You have the same kind of power when you are in a leadership role. It isn’t enough in this Imagination Age to merely be a good manager—you have to be a good human being, too. Having the awareness to understand that your actions can have different effects, in both positive and negative ways, will improve your agility and the relationships you have with those around you.

Positive Butterfly Effect on a Business

The first way, where the butterfly effect means positive effects for the small business is something that is desirable for every small business. The positive effects are improvements of the businesses and these improvements will increase overall business potential energy.

Negative Butterfly Effect on a Business

With the negative effect, your business gets the worst thing from a work that caused these effects. In such a case you must escape or eliminate such a change. This effect will decrease your business potential energy. Your task here is to eliminate all negative effects and stimulate the positive ones.

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