Genuine leadership

As you may know that a genuine leadership style means that the behavior of a leader or manager must change according to the environment and situation and have flexibility but some leaders confuse this with role-playing and engage in dishonest behavior. If this trend continues, it will lead to mistrust among staff and run counter to genuine leadership. Genuine leadership that originality derived from ancient Greek philosophy means being your real self. It means that your behavior, thoughts, and actions are in line with each other, not imitating another, which shows your monotony.

The concept of genuine leadership was first introduced by Bill George, a Harvard Business Professor. Genuine leadership is achieved when a person treats his colleagues by his true personality and tries to gain the trust of others based on moderation and appreciation. Genuine leadership strives to focus on the profitability of the group by creating a passion for teamwork and ethical and human issues. Since genuine leadership is opposed to imitation and copying, each person will have a unique genuine leadership. However, some characteristics are common in genuine leaders: 

Continuous effort for personal growth: Genuine leaders will focus on self-awareness to improve their performance and their team by focusing on their strengths and weaknesses and they try to motivate their team members to continue on the path to success by reviewing it and creating a role model.

Behavioral transparency and realism: Genuine leaders do not try to look stronger than they are, they do not pretend to be personal or social. A sense of responsibility and taking responsibility for their mistakes are other characteristics of these people. Clarity of behavior, naturalness, and realism gives a sense of trust and confidence to colleagues and influence the team members.

Value others: A leader who regardless of the human rights of his team members, thinks only of the company’s profitability does not care about the team members and does not strive to develop their talents, has adopted a different style that is miles away from a great way of management.

Sustainability on principles and values: Resisting the organizational principles of any group, in any situation, even if it is not in the interest of the leader is one of the important criteria of genuine leadership. The members of a team will incline to work better when they are confident that they can rely on their manager in any situation because they see their commitment not only in words but also in action and behavior on their values.

Build a committed team: Genuine leadership strives to form a team based on honesty, human values, and team relationships, and such fair treatment allows team members to compensate with commitment and loyalty to the team.


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