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About Havourrash

Havourrash Company, one of the subsidiaries of Vatan Zarin Group, is one of the pioneers in production of feed for aquatic animals and specialized producer of shrimp feed in Iran. This company was established in 1999 on a foundation measuring 59,666 m2 and with a production capacity of 32,000 tons of feed per annum in Bushehr Special Economic Zone.

In its more than 20 years of activity and cooperation with more than …breeders in Iran (Bushehr, Bandar Abbas, and Khuzestan) and other Persian Gulf Countries (Qatar, Oman, and United Arab Emirates).

Havourrash Company has been recognized as one of the top specialized producers of shrimp reputation that has been acquired by using unique machinery, high quality raw materials, start-of-art technology strategic and long-term cooperation with Union and ever-increasing efforts of local specialized manpower.

Premixes consists of a unique combination of organic acids, fatty acids and yeast products. premixes specially developed to combat White feces syndrome. Fermented vegetable ingredients stimulate growth of beneficial bacteria that act against pathogens via the competitive exclusion principle. Gut health is promoted through specific compounds that preserve microvilli and promote their growth.

This company has also tried to play a greater role in the success of breeders and its customers by providing free specialized consultation at all stages of preparing, larva pouring, rearing and harvesting shrimp.

Products and composition analysis

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This company has always tried to help the breeders to achieve the highest yield in their businesses. Increasing the speed of growth and weight gaining, reducing losses and improving meat and skin

quality is some of the benefits that are considered well in designing the products of this company in the specialized Research and Development (R&D) Department.

A large array of promising growth enhancing feed additives was tested, in house and in field trials, and combined into an ideal mix.

Benefits of VDS premixes

  • Growth stimulator
  • Improved gut health
  • Improved FCR
  • Antibacterial properties

Shrimp Feed

  • Starter Feed

4001 and 4002 in 10 kg bags and 4003 in 15 kg bags

  • Growth feed

4004 and 4005 in 25 kg bags

Organization values

Organization values

Ensuring consumer health. Accountability and decent work. Maintaining a safe, balanced, and healthy ecosystem for future generations.

Organization mission

Organization mission

We intend to make aquatics a safe and accessible food for everyone by using water resources responsibly and innovatively.

Organization vision

Organization vision

Global sustainable support in providing the healthiest and most nutritious food for all