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About Panberes Company

Morvarid Panberes factory is the first manufacturer of complete diapers and thin winged tape (Air Laid) which started operating in one of the Middle East regions in 1362.

Morvarid Panberes factory started its activity with the production of tissue under the brand “Gol Narges”.

At the beginning of 1371, Morvarid Panberes created a revolution in the production of complete baby diapers (Pampers), which entered the market under the Panberes brand.

After 8 years, the Morvarid Panberes factory obtained the license to produce all kinds of sanitary napkins.

Currently, more than 30 years have passed since the establishment of the Morvarid Panberes factory.

Currently, the Morvarid Panberes factory is considered one of the most famous manufacturers of sanitary napkins in the Middle East.

Product of Panberes

محصولات مروارید پنبه ریز
  • Large, soft, thick sanitary napkin
  • Latif thin large sanitary napkin
  • Large thick daily sanitary napkin
  • Large thin daily sanitary napkin
  • Large thin night sanitary napkin


sanitary napkin Morvarid Panberes has three categories, soft day and night.

sanitary napkin soft

sanitary napkin soft are called soft due to the type of top layer which is very soft made of non-woven material. Sanitary napkin soft, which are also called cotton or linen, is suitable for people with sensitive skin.

sanitary napkin daily

sanitary napkin daily because of the top layer

netted has high absorption power. This product is suitable for women who bleed a lot.

sanitary napkin at night

Night sanitary napkin with a top layer

Imported special netted which is very soft and more absorbent powder is used. These sanitary napkins have high absorbency and at the same time are very soft and are not allergenic in any way. This type of sanitary napkin is for those who, while having sensitive skin, bleed more than usual during the night.

Currently, the Morvarid Panberes factory has a standard mark for all its products.