Nailon Nakh

شرکت نایلون نخ

About Nailon Nakh

Nailon Nakh Company has been active in the production of monofilament yarns since 1368 and is the first and only producer of this yarn in the Middle East.


Nailon Nakh company’s products are provided to industrial factories as raw materials (such as: plastic zippers, industrial toothbrushes and brushes, fishing nets and threads, water cooler nets, scotch and all kinds of industrial brushes).


The main items used by this company are polyamide (nylon) 6, 6.6, 6.12, polyester materials, propylene materials. Polystyrene also produces hollow yarn made of polyester and polypropylene materials, almost 70% of which is imported from abroad. from the country and 30% of it is domestic supply, every year 800 tons of these different materials are used in this unit.


Benefiting from modern machines made in Japan, modern technical information and several years of production experience, has increased the quality of the yarns produced and improved the domestic and foreign markets of Nailon Nakh Company.


In 1377, Nailon Nakh Company received the ISO 9002 certificate from SGS Institute.

Currently, this company is ready to accept all orders with its competitive prices.