National Government Week

Polymer Educational Complex of VatanZarin Group was inaugurated on Thursday morning, August 29th, 2019. It concurred with the start of the national government week by the presence of:

Mr. Abdolzahra Vatandoust

He distinguished enhancing the quality of educational services and providing the best services with the best equipment among the priorities of Polymer Educational Complex. In addition, he stated that they founded the center in order to provide education in the real workplace and therefore it attempts to offer skills training in the workplace.

Dr. Hamid Esmaeili

“Our priority at Polymer Educational Complex is to train students and trainees. It is to receive better vocational preparation in the workplace as well as advanced entrepreneurial training.”

In another part of his speech, Dr. Esmaili mentioned the need analysis and the evaluation of the merits of Bushehr province as the main focus of establishing academic centers and promoting the educational district codes. He added that Bushehr province has numerous features and we expect to see more specialized centers in this regard.

Mr. Mohammadbagher Saadat

“Since the University of Applied Science and Technology provided the new educational services and applied skills training, it is a source of appreciation and great blessing in the country.”

At the end of the ceremony, guests congregated at the headquarters of VatanZarin Group. A clip of the activities of the group was displayed. Then we showed the word of Mohammad Vatandoust, because he couldn’t exist in the ceremony. As the meeting proceeded, the guests continued to express their viewpoints, criticisms, and suggestions on the educational, research, and student issues.

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