Panberes is one of the VatanZarin companies that plays a big role in cellulosic industry such as producing Napkins and Sanitary Napkins for many years in our country. Lately through continuation of updating organization structure and its service processes, its brand’s visual identity has been updated and its products with new packings were sent into the market.
The change in attitude and visual identity design was based on the commission and the consumer’s taste. This change occurred in Panberes’ quality and quantity.
Through substantial researches and studies and also posing the change process of all around the world, Panberes figured out that it needs deliberate changes, so that it can gain the satisfactory of the consumers and fulfill its youth generation’s requirements.
Because of Panberes’ special attitude toward women issues from the very first day, it could be one of the most important producers of hygienic women products in country; such as Sanitary napkins and daily pads.
And also BFPIG started working with establishing Morvarid Panberes company in 1987 with Panebres brand. Then it extended its activities in industrial, generative, academic and service areas. BFPIG for now has 20 companies, 8 brands, 25 generative sections and 2600 workers in different sections.

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