Plastkar factory

About Plastkar factory

Plastkar factory was established in 2002 with the aim of meeting the health needs of the society.

Plastkar factory now produces all kinds of bandages with the most advanced machines and technologies in the world.

Plastkar factory produces all kinds of fabric bandages in different sizes for general and hospital use under the Panberes brand.

Non-Woven wound adhesive supporting the environment (anti-allergic and anti-fungal – made of non-woven fabric to prevent infectious diseases)

Panberes bandages have sanitary pads with high absorbency. It also has holes on the bandage so that air can exchange better with the skin and the damaged area.

This helps to heal the wound as quickly as possible. Panberes bandages are completely hygienic and anti-allergic and do not cause any problems for people with sensitive skin.

Plastkar factory has also had extensive activities in the field of exporting its products to neighboring countries and the Middle East.

Product of Plastkar





  • Fabric wound adhesive (white adhesive impregnated with zinc oxide, suitable for sensitive and irritable skin)
  • Plastic bandage (with holes for air exchange in the damaged area and accelerating wound healing)
  • Ordinary square bandage
  • Ordinary round bandage
  • Band-aids in 5 different models