Morvarid Panberes Multi-Level Marketing

شرکت بازاریابی مروارید پنبه ریز

Morvarid Panberes Multi-Level Marketing Company was established in 2008 with the aim of developing e-commerce under the PMLM brand.

In 1390, this company succeeded in receiving the Multi-Level Marketing activity license and emerged as the first network marketing company in the Middle East.

Using the best models of Multi-Level Marketing, taking advantage of competitive advantages and with the aim of creating joint cooperation between suppliers, marketers and customers, this company started its main activity in the field of selling its products online.

Morvarid Panberes Multi-Level Marketing Company; Currently, by having the largest variety of products and providing services through the most up-to-date web-based services, facilitating the purchase process and making the right choice by customers, it is one of the largest online stores in the Middle East.

About Morvarid Panberes Multi-Level Marketing

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Morvarid Panberes Multi-Level Marketing has implemented significant development programs in the fields of software and hardware in the past years on the way to achieving this position. Currently, this company has provided many facilities and services with modern technology to the customers and representatives of this company and society.

Interaction in the product sales cycle and attracting more audiences can be mentioned among the goals of this company, but without a doubt, the successes achieved are only a part of the drawn perspective. It is hoped that with the continuous efforts of VatanZarin Group and Morvarid Panberes Multi-Level Marketing staff, we will soon see more and more achievements beyond the borders of the Middle East.