The world is changing under the influence of vast changes. Climate change, resource crises, food insecurity, destructive technologies, and demographic change have all had far-reaching effects on the business environment. These changes are likely to change the way businesses operate in the coming decades. As economic and social challenges arise alongside economic growth, the concept of sustainable development will be essential for businesses.

Sustainable development focuses on meeting the current needs of society without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs, and outlines the relationship between the economy, the environment and society. In more friendly terms, it means the relationship between earning money, the planet and man. Therefore, the concept of sustainable development not only addresses environmental issues but also covers the concepts of social justice and economic development.

This concept encourages people, politicians and businesses to make long-term decisions that affect the environment and society. As a result, they would not only focus on their short-term gains and losses, but also consider various other factors.

The primary goals of sustainable development include maintaining clean earth, air and water, sustainable economic growth, better standards of education, health care, ending poverty and hunger.

Sustainable Development:

It is a set of measures through which human beings prevent the uncontrolled extraction of natural resources, in order to maintain the ecological balance and at the same time prevent the reduction of the quality of life of modern societies. The efforts of factories and companies to prevent greenhouse gas emissions, save energy and properly dispose of the physical waste generated are examples of measures needed to achieve sustainable development.

Fortunately, these goals are gradually increasing in the business strategy program.

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