Aquatic Products

In the past years, VatanZarin Group has always tried to provide an acceptable variety in different product categories with the aim of meeting the ever-increasing and diverse needs of its audience.

The result of this effort is the existence of more than 200 types of products in the product portfolio of this group.

VatanZarin Group is one of the exporters of marine products including shrimp.

This group has more than 20 years of experience in the food and aquatic industries and uses the most equipped and advanced equipment to produce its products.

Among the products that are produced in the field of this industry in the VatanZarin group, we can mention the shrimp food that is sold under the Havourrash brand.

Also, breeding shrimp with Aqua Treasure brand is one of the activities of VatanZarin Group in this field.

Active factories and companies of VatanZarin group in the field of cosmetics and health are included:

زیستاب جلبک لیان جنوب
تکثیر و پرورش میگو مند بوشهر
Meygou Mond Reproduction and breeding
آرام صید
Aram Seyd
آبزیان مهتاب
Abzian Mahtab