Abdolzahra Vatandoust

Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors

Mr. Abdolzahra Vatandoust, born in 1945, is an MS graduate in Aerospace engineering from University of London. Entrepreneurship, production, and eliminating deprivation have always been the mainstay of the introspection and high aspiration of the founder of the Middle-East Polymer Industrial Group. The plan for the establishment of this industrial group, which grew as a fruitful business in June 1991, was one of the greatest achievements of this introspection. As well as the industrial factories and enterprises which glow one after the other like luminous gems on the Region’s economic framework. Abdolzahra Vatandoust is the spiritual father and the leader of this industrial group.

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محمدکاظم زرین قلم
Mohammadkazem Zarrinqalam

Member of the Board of Directors

Mr. Mohammadkazem Zarrinqalam is a co-founder of VatanZarin Group and one of the most influential people in the Region’s economic scene. He was born in 1951  and completed his higher education studies in Economics at Murray State University, Kentucky, USA.

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Mohammad Vatandoust

Chief Executive Officer and Deputy Chairman of the Board​

Mr. Mohammad Vatandoust is the fourth son of the founder of VatanZarin Group. He was born in August 1985. He had a high school education in Lebanon; then he went to the United States and continued his university studies in Industrial Management. He completed his higher education graduating in the DBA course at American Liberty University.

 in December 2010, with his au courant, youthful energy, and constructive outlook in mind, he is following his father’s path. Mohammad Vatandoust is the CEO of the VatanZarin Group.

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