Abzian Mahtab CO.

Abzian Mahtab Company is in Bushehr Province, on the Presian Gulf, which has been working in the processing and packaging of shrimp and other sea products since 1997. The company exports its products to North and South America with experienced and expert staffs, with the most equipped and advanced equipment.

Aram Seid Bushehr CO.

Fish breeding in cage is one of the methods of fisheries production in the world, which is of great importance in many developed countries due to its positive impact on ecosystems, conservation of natural resources and the environment.

Aram Seid Company was registered at No. 2417 in 2000 with the aim of producing and cultivating various types of fish in cages and using the potential capacities of the country.

The company is located in southern Bushehr province and work in the production and supply of sea fish in floating cages at sea for supply to domestic and foreign markets. The breeding of different species of aquatic marine, such as white halvah, Shurideh, hamur, sekan, sebity, and caisson Asia with a capacity of 6000 tons per year, is the main production activity of this company.

Bushehr Mond Shrimp Farming CO.

Bushehr Mond Shrimp Farming Company with the registration number 2026 is located in an area of ​​850 hectares, one hundred kilometers south of Bushehr province, which has 164 2.5 hectares and 20 Nursery ponds. Currently, shrimp harvesting is about 3 tons per hectare and it is planned to harvest shrimp in two seasons a year, with harvesting rates of 3 tons to 6 tons per hectare.

The company’s capabilities, which have made it one of the shrimp breeding units in the Middle East, have become more sophisticated as a way to increase non-oil exports of the country.

  • Use the experiences of foreign experts in designing of project
  • Availability of advanced equipment for the continuation of fresh water supply for shrimp breeding ponds
  • Control the shrimp growth
  • Aeration to supply oxygen to water
  • Use of high quality and desirable food
  • The existence of infant pools for 2 times per year, and most important of all, the endless and continuous efforts of domestic experts to guide and advance the shrimp breeding plan

Mayamai Bushehr CO.

Mayamai Bushehr Company was established under the Comprehensive Animal Husbandry Act of 2014 with the registration number 2302 for the reproduction of cold water and as a multipurpose hatchery for the production of baby shrimp and baby fish using experienced domestic experts and international experts. The production capacity of baby shrimp and baby fish is 25 million tons per year, which is produced using hygienic methods and free of any diseases. All products of this company have also been genetically improved.


Bushehr Marin (Afarid) CO.

The company started its activity in the field of processing and packaging of shrimp in the area of ​​more than 15 hectares in Bushehr Province on the Persian Gulf in 2005. This unit was one of the most equipped and advanced units in the country, which, in addition to obtaining the EEC approval, managed to obtain The HACCP quality assurance certificate has also been issued by the German RWTUV. The processed products of this company are currently exported to countries of the United States, Portugal, France, Canada, Japan, Lebanon and the United Arab Emirates. Based on the license issued by the veterinary administration of Bushehr province, the company’s capacity to process fresh fish and shrimp is approximately 15 tons per day and 700 tons per treatment period.

Havoorrash CO.

 The first specialized brand in aquatic food production, in particular, farmed shrimp.

Using the latest scientific information from all over the world and based on the extensive research, Havoorrash has put providing the right and high quality aquatic food the motto to which it has been sticking to.