L’dora Brand

About L’dora Brand Ledora brand includes a family of skin and hair care and cosmetic products. This group of products, by using the best quality, has been included in the shopping basket of the consumers of the Morvarid Panberes Network Marketing Company. The main materials of the L’dora products are obtained from the most reliable […]

Plastic Pollution

Plastic pollution isn’t new but it is still threatening the natural environment on which we depend, impacting oceans, communities, wildlife, and people at an unprecedented rate. Different kinds of disposable plastic products have been widely used in residents’ lives, especially with the development of new industries such as e-commerce, express delivery, and take-out, the consumption […]

Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking

No matter what walk of life you come from, what industry you’re interested in pursuing, or how much experience you’ve already garnered, because we’ve all seen firsthand the importance of critical thinking skills. Too many business leaders are simply not reasoning through pressing issues, taking the time to evaluate a topic from all sides. Leaders […]

Performance Evaluation Workshop

Vatanzarin directors at performance workshop

Performance Evaluation workshop had been organized at VatanZarin A two-day performance evaluation workshop was held in the head office for factory managers and supervisors of human resources departments. The aim of this workshop is the necessity of recognize principles of performance and effective models. The workshop started with Dr. Vatandoost’s speech. The focus of this […]