Performance Evaluation Workshop

Vatanzarin directors at performance workshop

Performance Evaluation workshop had been organized at VatanZarin A two-day performance evaluation workshop was held in the head office for factory managers and supervisors of human resources departments. The aim of this workshop is the necessity of recognize principles of performance and effective models. The workshop started with Dr. Vatandoost’s speech. The focus of this […]

International Standard Certificate

The companies “Nava behdasht” and “Morvarid Panberes” succeeded in establishing a quality management system based on the international standard ISO 9001: 2015 under the accreditation of SGS Switzerland.The ISO 9001 standard includes requirements for controlling business processes and product quality; In a way that increases customer satisfaction with continuous improvement.We thank all the colleagues especially […]

National Government Week 2019

National Government Week

National Government Week Polymer Educational Complex of VatanZarin Group was inaugurated on Thursday morning, August 29th, 2019. It concurred with the start of the national government week by the presence of: Mr. Abdolzahra Vatandoust, Group Founder Mr. Mohammadkazem Zarrinqalam, Member of the Board of Directors Mr. Mohammadbagher Saadat, representative of the honorable people of Dashtestan Mr. […]

Panberes had redesigned its identity. Feel the courage to change.

ری برندینگ

Panberes is one of the VatanZarin companies that plays a big role in cellulosic industry such as producing Napkins and Sanitary Napkins for many years in our country. Lately through continuation of updating organization structure and its service processes, its brand’s visual identity has been updated and its products with new packings were sent into […]