Panberes Official Birthday

Initializing the production of the group by establishing Morvarid Panberes Company 1984

The First Producer of All Types of String in the Middle East

Entrepreneurship by producing various kinds of string in Nylon Nakh Company and enterprising in the field of information technology 1989

Rise in Non-Oil Exports of the Middle East

Presence in the aquatic industry and the establishment of the first specialized unit in Aquatic food production 1993

Receiving Award, The Best exporter


Expanding Products to Pace the Technological Advancements

Expanding products to pace the technological advancements 2000

Receiving Honor Badge, Work and Production


Innovating Methods Used by the Suppliers in Providing the Goods Needed by Consumers

Completing the supplier chain by Zarin Pars Company and Morvarid Panberes Online Shopping Company 2009

Receiving Award, Panberes Precious Brand


Receiving Award, The Best Quality Technology