Planting 6,000 seedlings

Planting trees in different cities considering the Adaptability to different climates

Purging the beaches

Purging the beaches and creating a culture of preserving the environment and not littering

Purging the Gulf and creatures rescue

Cumulation of marine and oil pollution in the Persian Gulf and sea animals rescue

Converting plastic waste into granules

Collecting 1,000 tons of plastic waste every year and recycling and turning them into granules.

Agriculture of rare tropical fruits

Planting tropical plants and fruits with added value providing its scientific and research information.

Buying a wheelchair by recycling bottle caps

Collection of plastic bottle caps in all offices of vatanzarin industrial group

Cultivation to preserve the environment

Holding a seminar and conference in the field of creating culture to preserve the environment and motivating children to pay attention to the issue of the environment

Tree planting with the names of influential people

Planting trees with name plates of famous and influential people in the field of environment in the world

Building a production complex with zero environmental damage

The latest production collection in vatanzarin group was built with an environmentally friendly view

Zero carbon monoxide production

Vatanzarin is the only industrial group in one of the regions of the Middle East that implements the plan to reduce carbon monoxide production to zero by the end of December 2024