Planting 6,000 saplings.
Tree planting in different cities considering climatic adaptability.
Cleaning beaches and promoting environmental preservation by discouraging littering.
Cleaning the gulf and rescuing animals.
Collecting marine and oil transportation pollutants from the Persian Gulf and rescuing marine life.
Converting plastic waste into granules, collecting and recycling one thousand tons annually.
Cultivating rare tropical fruits, providing scientific information to the Agricultural Organization.
Recycling wheelchair wheels with used bottle caps within all offices of the “Vatan Zarin” group.
Raising awareness for environmental conservation by organizing seminars and conferences, inspiring children to care for the environment.
Planting trees with influential people’s names to advocate environmental causes worldwide.
Constructing a production facility with zero environmental impact within the Vatan Zarin group.
Implementing a program by Vatan Zarin to zero out carbon monoxide emissions by the end of December 2024.