Partonet CO.

Bushehr Partonet Information Technology Co. is one of the most comprehensive satellite companies that has been established in the field of providing satellite and Internet services at different levels in 1994. This company starts hardware and network sales in 2008. It starts to develop in software field, network, hardware supply in the terms of provision of services to pursue in all parts of Bushehr province.

Bushehr University of Applied Science and Technology

University of Applied Science and Technology was established in 2015. In the beginning, the university started by 3 fields, which included food industry, technical specialist in plastic industry, and technical specialist in rubber industry.

Nowadays this university accepted collegian in different fields, which are Industrial electricity, Mechanic, Industrial facilities, Civil engineering, Accounting, Management, Instrumentation, welding, Computer, and health & safe Environment (HSE). Also, the Bushehr University of Applied Sciences has participated in the education of the Bushehr province and has signed a memorandum in terms of training specialists in the field the country’s industry. CEO of VatanZarin Group tries to improve the rank of university to be the first-class in near future.

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Morvarid Panberes Internet Distribution CO.

The online shopping panberes Company was established in 2009. The company, with the aim of establishing a joint venture between suppliers, marketers and customers in 2011, has succeeded in using the superior network marketing patterns and taking advantage of the competitive advantages (especially brand, wide range of customers and quality products) received a network marketing license from the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran and has managed to take significant steps towards the creation of new businesses in the country through the proper and lawful implementation of the network marketing, under the supervision of the Network Marketing Supervisory Committee of the Ministry of Commerce.

Morvarid Zarrin Pars CO.

Morvarid Zarrin Pars Company was established in August 2004 with the aim of distributing cosmetic products in Tehran.

Business activities, creating a supply chain distribution to meet all customers’ needs and technologies in the field of capillary sales by Provincial Broadcasting and Systems Integrated software for the satisfaction of shareholders and customers is one of the missions of Morvarid Zarrin Pars Company. the company has the wide distribution

Saman Rahbord CO.

Saman Rahbord, the construction company of Bushehr was established in 2000 with the aim of cooperating and providing developmental needs of the companies covered by the VatanZarin Group. At the same time as the construction of concrete and metal structures, the company is currently engaged in contracting contracts, as well as in the assessment of road topography and other construction activities.

Bushehr Nofen Gostar CO.

Bushehr Nofen Gostar Company was established in 2000 with the aim of designing, constructing and repairing industrial machinery and spare parts.  In 1990, with the aim of designing and constructing fishing vessels established his activities. By the establishment of modern and well-equipped workshops of design, modeling, casting, machining, sketching, carpentry, scaffolding and mechanical engineering on ​​2 hectares’ area, a 4,000-square-meter substructure and having 300 kilowatts of electricity to one of the major factories.

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