About L’Dora

L’Dora brand includes a range of skincare and hair care products. These products, with the highest quality, are offered to consumers in the shopping basket of the marketing company, Morvarid Panberes. The main ingredients of the L’Dora family are sourced from reputable manufacturers in Switzerland, France, and Japan, making them one of the top and most competitive products compared to leading global brands. L’Dora products are produced by local specialists and presented in beautiful, durable, and unique packaging to special consumers who seek differentiation.

Variety of L’Dora Brand Products


Herbal Mask
Herbal Scalp Softening and Strengthening Conditioner 200ml
L’DORA Herbal Scalp Protein and Keratin 200ml
L’DORA Herbal Shampoo for Dry and Damaged Hair 300ml
L’DORA Herbal Shampoo for Oily Hair 300ml
L’DORA Herbal Shampoo for Normal Hair 300ml
L’DORA Herbal Daily Scalp Shampoo 200ml
L’DORA Herbal Anti-Dandruff Shampoo 300ml
Spirulina Powder Mask
L’DORA Herbal Anti-Acne (Pack of 10)
L’DORA Herbal Brightening (Pack of 10)
L’DORA Herbal Moisturizer (Pack of 6)
L’DORA Herbal Brightening (Pack of 6)
L’DORA Herbal Vitamin (Pack of 6)
L’DORA Herbal Scalp Strengthening and Anti-Hair Loss Tonic 40ml
L’DORA Herbal Eyebrow Strengthening Tonic 40ml
Herbal Soaps
L’DORA Herbal Soap with Lavender Extract 70g
L’DORA Herbal Soap with Honey and Saffron Extract 70g
L’DORA Herbal Soap with Pine and Marigold Extract 70g
Herbal Body Shampoo L’DORA Herbal 300ml


Liquid Lipstick
Eyebrow Pencil
Solid Lip
Color Powder Cream
Volumizing Mascara
Strong Hold Hair Gel with Keratine for Men
Collagen and Vitamin E Foundation


Lifting Face and Neck Cream with Massager
Hair Serum with Caviar Extract
Brightening and Moisturizing Cream with Caviar Extract
Sea Shell Extract Scrub Mask
Anti-Aging and Dark Circle Eye Cream
Vitamin-Enriched Makeup Remover
Men’s Keratin Shampoo for Hair Growth Strengthening
Argan Oil
Anti-Wrinkle Cream with Caviar Extract
Hair Softening and Smoothing Cream
Peel-Off Mask
Intensive Moisturizer
Face Serum with Caviar Extract
Acne and Blemish Cream with Caviar Extract
Women’s Keratin Shampoo for Hair Growth
Hair Growth Tonic with Maltodextrin SPF50
Colored sunscreen with SPF50 and oil-free
Dual-phase vitamin makeup remover
Multi-purpose cracked heel cream


Women’s 60ml Eau de Parfum
Men’s 60ml Eau de Parfum
Women’s 100ml Eau de Parfum
Men’s 100ml Eau de Parfum
Men’s body deodorant spray
Women’s body deodorant spray