Farzad Manzouri

Managing Director (GCC & NA)



Farzad Manzouri is the Managing Director of GCC & North Africa for Vatanzarin Group.
He started his professional career at the beginning of 2010 and, for nearly 12 years, served in valuable managerial and executive experiences in various fields of business, including supply chain management, project management, brand development, and strategic business analysis for brands and companies such as Golizhe, Ramak, Farmand.
Strategic planning and organizational change are his most outstanding characteristics. His other distinguishing features are close cooperation with C-level managers and being in various industries such as food, drinking, polymer, service, and civil engineering.
He has had various responsibilities in the Vatanzarin Group in recent years. Now, he is responsible for developing business in GCC and North Africa. He is also responsible for studying business strategies, managing project portfolios, and planning new businesses.
Farzad also led the Human Resource team from the beginning of 2021 until march 2022 to create an evolution in the referred field.
You can contact Farzad through mentioned links.