Strategic Pillars

Our rationale has been derived from thoughts of business founders and is our guide in the endless path of success.

The essence of these thoughts has been summarized in the following pillars.


To build a global business and global brands with commitment to quality in all aspects; to support a sustainable planet and to empower the community in which we live.

Strategic Objectives

We have set the road to success by relying on our capabilities, resources and abilities and opportunities of business environment and the criterion for our success is the fulfillment of the following strategic objectives in all dimensions of the business.

  • Globalization of business
  • Quality in all aspects
  • Supporting sustainable development
  • Empowering the community

Globalization of business

By correct understanding as to root capacities and DNA of our business and identifying capacities in all target regions, we will introduce our products, services, brands and business with global features to our beneficiaries and the community in which we work.

Quality in all aspects

Safety and wealth come with quality. We are committed to high quality, safe and profitable production of our products and services to make sure that our customers, consumers and partners gain benefit. We are committed to create a safe environment for work and increase life quality of our colleagues. We are also committed to build a better future and high quality life for the community through creating new job opportunities.

Supporting sustainable development

By reducing waste and increasing efficiency in our operation and finding more sustainable ways in our business, we will create a new experience for our beneficiaries and take steps in the path to sustainability.

Empowering the community

By identifying talents in the organization and community, we are committed to create opportunities for them so that they can climb the success ladder in the organization or their communities.


An organizational brain (organized and developed) in entrepreneur bodies (small and agile)

Vast body, diverse structure and supporting each other by different components in this structure have allowed Vatan Zarin Group to move in the path to development with more stability in long-term. Right now, the group has always managed to maintain agility and flexibility in this body using modern decision making tools, state-of-art technology and innovation in performing operations.

Our Commitment to Values

Values that we are committed to them in the course of our business are the foundation of the future that we will for ourselves.


1. We are Interested in everything around us and how to make it better.
2. We Motivate each other to achieve great things.
3. We stand by our moral codes.
4. We are here to fulfill the needs of our customers and colleagues.
5. We are thankful for what we have.
6. We actively listen and encourage others to speak.
7. We respect each other as a family.
8. We are flexible enough to cover one another when needed.
9. We all have one clear goal and fight to attain it.
10. We aim to win together in everything that we do.