Vellora is one of the brands of Vatanzarin Industrial Group, which launched its products in the year 1400 with the aim of providing services to women in one of the Middle East regions.


محصولات ولوا انگلیسی

Vellora sanitary napkins include two gentle and daily categories, which we will describe the special features of these products below:

  • Large thick soft tape of cotton top layer
  • Large thick daily stripe mesh upper layer

Soft strips

Due to the use of special nanowoon (non-woven) technology in the top layer, this sanitary napkin has a very soft surface and is named soft because of the feeling of softness. Soft strips, which are also called cotton or linen, are suitable for people with sensitive skin. Vellora tapes are now available in large and thick sizes with very high absorbency. The price of this product is very affordable and at the same time it is of high quality like Panberes brand.

Daily strips

Due to the use of special mesh technology in the upper layer and the use of absorbent powder, it has an extremely high and exemplary absorption power. This product, with its high absorbency, meets the needs of women who have the problem of heavy menstrual bleeding. Vellora daily strips are available in large and thick sizes. The price of this product is very reasonable and the quality and technology used in it is the same as the Panberes brand.